CinC 2021

CinC 2021

Brno, Czech Republic

September 12-15, 2021


On this page you can submit your video recording for CinC2021, which this year will take place in hybrid mode in Brno and on platform. 

Firstly, you will be asked to sign up by entering your personal information. 

Pay attention: the registration form is a two steps form. At the end of the registration, you will be asked to log in directly in order to upload the poster. 

Please note that the password you create at this stage, if you are a participant of the event, will also be used to access the Cinc2021 live platform

Oral Presentation recording upload

Upload your video recording for CinC2021! 

Please, in the "Title" field also enter the ID of your Presentation in this format: "ID00 - Presentation Title". 

Wait until the upload bar turns green, that means the upload is completed. 

NOTE: If you don't see the form, we recommend using Google Chrome

For any need, write to or to